Not Sure About Game-Based Learning? Start With a Pilot.


So you’re curious about game-based learning (to conserve characters we’ll hereafter call it GBL!) but not certain it’ll be effective for your peeps.  

We hear that all the time.  

And while I contend that GBL will work better than PowerPoint, PDF, or instructor lead training in most organizations, I can certainly understand the reservations (will GBL resonate with my peeps, is it too expensive, will I get the results I need, etc.).  

The solution: pick an upcoming training program and run a pilot.

Here’s why.

Pay (less) to Play

The cost for a comprehensive GBL program with multiple game modules and an overarching game narrative can be a barrier to entry for some organizations.  Especially if your directors are skeptical about GBL.  

But any GBL company worth their pixels can design a minimum viable product (MVP) to keep your costs down while you test the efficacy of GBL at your organization.

Your MVP should feature at least one GBL module, and in-depth tracking suite and an employee survey tool.  With these three elements you’ll be able see how GBL performs at your organization -- and whether a full program will be worth the investment.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

The old carpenter’s adage applies here.  Your pilot program should come with a deep analytics package that helps you evaluate the efficacy of your GBL program (not just those crappy “participate, pass fail” stats that LMSs call metrics!).  

You should also run a follow up survey to glean employee feedback about the pilot.  Equipped with this insight you’ll be able to refine your tactics, game types, and messaging before investing in a full-blown program.

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The Proof’s in the Playing

In over 10 years of building GBL programs we have yet to have one underperform. Often times we’ve had to limit the amount of time employees can play each day.  

The fact is, if your GBL program is well executed you’ll see results like you’ve never seen before.  You’ll see continued engagement, measurable knowledge growth, verifiable efficacy and great employee feedback.  

And if you don’t (but I’m sure you will) -- ditch GBL.  You won’t have invested a king’s ransom and you’ll have gained valuable insight for future programs.

But if you do get outstanding results you’ll be in a great position to gain approval for a more comprehensive ongoing GBL program. And you'll be the hero who brought fun, engaging and effective GBL to your organization.  Just sayin’...


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