Why You Need More Than ‘Convenience’ To Drive Digital Adoption


Have you ever launched a new digital product, confident customers will love it, only to have the adoption rate drag?

You ran targeted Facebook ads, sent out pamphlets — you even have a TV commercial in market. You know your new tech is convenient. But despite your best efforts, customers still aren’t using it.

Sound familiar?

There’s a common assumption that if you tell consumers how convenient digital products are, adoption will follow. But that’s not actually true.

According to the EY Fintech Adoption Index, 85% of consumers are aware of digital products, but only 33% have adopted them.

The problem isn’t awareness. It’s apathy.

Our new report, The Digital Adoption Overview: Why Convenience Isn’t Enough, goes into this problem in a bit more detail.

You can check it out below or click here to download it.