How to Challenge Employees Without Overwhelming Them

Challenge is at the core of what separates an effective training program from a crappy one. 

The basis of challenge is really quite simple: start where your employees are, and continually increase the level of difficulty. 

For training to be challenging but not overwhelming, there has to be opportunity for students to practice learning the new skill. The level of difficulty should only increase again once the employee’s skill matches the level of challenge. Or in other words, just before the content becomes too easy. 

One way to do that is by adding levels to your training program.

5 Gamification Tactics to Excite Your Employees and Boost Engagement

Imagine you’re at work, finishing up a task you do everyday, when your manager hands you a badge. 

How would you feel? Would that badge make you feel more motivated to do your job? 

Probably not. In fact, I’m thinking you’d feel pretty weirded out. 

Adding gamification tactics to your training haphazardly has a similar effect. If you don’t know why these tactics motivate employees, you can’t expect them to work.

Gamification vs Game-Based Training: Which is Right for You? [Part 1]

If you’re considering stepping up your training game, you’ve undoubtedly run across these two terms: gamification and game-based training. 

Time wasters, your boss calls them. Miracle fixes, claim “industry experts.” 

Confused, you say. 

All jokes aside, the truth is there is no shortage of articles written about gamification and game-based training. Most pontificate about benefits and stop short of telling you anything useful.